Tasty Suggestions for Your Wedding or Special Occassion Cake

On this page will you find some Tasty Suggestions from The Grand Finale. These are some of my specialties.

I also have a list of standard cakes, fillings, icings, and additions. Please check the list if you're looking for a more traditional or special flavor combination.

Lemon Blackberry

Refreshing lemon cake with blackberry fruited buttercream.

Chocolate Macaroon

Chocolate cake with coconut macaroon filling, iced in coconut buttercream.

Pomegranate Orange

Orange cake filled with alternating layers of pomegranate ganache and coconut buttercream.

Winking Lilly

Inspired by a fabulous confection called 'forty winks' at my favorite artisanal chocolatier, Lilly's Handmade Chocolates.  White chocolate cake filled with lavender ganache. 

Hazelnut Mocha Brownie

Alternating layers of Hazelnut and Fudge Brownie cakes filled with mocha ganache.

Brownie and Bailey’s

Fudge Brownie cake filled with Bailey's Ganache.


Chocolate cake with a layer each of Bailey's, Grand Marnier, and Kahlua Buttercream.

Rich Spice

Spice cake with caramel cream cheese filling.

Mexican Cinnamon

Cinnamon cake with a hint of almond layered with chocolate buttercream or ganache.

Bananas Foster

Banana cake filled with alternating layers of rum and caramel buttercream.

The Buckeye

Chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and vanilla buttercream icing.

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